lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Dickens, Dickens, Dickens...

It is everywhere: on 7th February 2012 (that's tomorrow) we will be celebrating  the 200th anniversary of his birth in Portsmouth, England.

Charles Dickens was (and still is) one of the most famous English writers, and his books are among the best-known in all English literature. You certainly know Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, but other titles such as Little Dorritt, The Pickwick Papers, Great Expectations or A Tale of Two Cities are considered masterpieces of 19th century book writing and sold by the thousands even today.

He had a special fondness for poor people, and he himself suffered hard times in his early life. His novels describe the Victorian age better than many history books and are a good source of knowledge about that period. The best way to celebrate his birthday, then, would be to read some of his works.

You can also visit any of the many websites that are dedicated to Charles Dickens. The official anniversary website is here. You will find lots of links to TV and radio shows there, for example.

And here there are activities suitable for students.

You can read the full Spanish version of A Christmas Carol here.

Enjoy your Dickens day :-)

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