sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

Point, Hop, Toe!!!

The following video shows Ciara Sexton, a world famous Irish dancer, demonstrating her skills and talking about her training routine.

And here is one photo of yesterday's show at the IES. Three happy students follow -very attentively- Bea's explanation on how to dance like a pro.

Unfortunately this is the only picture I was able to take. Quite probably a cranky leprechaun had played one of his tricks on me...

I had brought my camera, so I assumed the picture card was in it. 'It must be inside the camera,' I thought. 'Perhaps I should have checked to see if it was there but I didn't. I mustn't make that mistake again. Actually I didn't use to forget things like that. When I was younger I would double-check everything  till I got things right.'

Anyway, when I tried to shoot my second picture, I got this awful 'Out of Memory' message. 'It can't be true', I said. 'I may be getting too old for this job...'

And now for the BIG question:

What grammar point am I practising in this post?

If you guess it right, you will have won my unending respect for the rest of today (Students who wear glasses will win extra points).

Choose one:
  • Countables/uncountables
  • Conditional sentences
  • Modal verbs

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