viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

C^u vi parolas esperanton?

Those of you who find learning languages too difficult maybe should give Esperanto a try. It is an artificial language created by Dr. L. Zamenhof in 1887. The idea was to have a common language that we could use when speaking to people from different countries.

Its rules are very simple, even more than English grammar! In addition, they have no exceptions. Its vocabulary is based on existing words from several languages, mainly European ones.

Although Esperanto did not have the success that Dr. Zamenhof would have liked, there are approximately one million people with some knowledge of it, and it is taught at schools in some countries. I have written an example below. If you think you understand it, write a comment with your English translation and let's see who comes closest to the real meaning :-)

"Simple, fleksebla, belsona, vere internacia en siaj elementoj, la lingvo Esperanto prezentas al la mondo civilizita la sole veran solvon de lingvo internacia; c^ar, tre facila por homoj nemulte instruitaj, Esperanto estas komprenata sen peno de la personoj bone edukitaj. Mil faktoj atestas la meriton praktikan de la nomita lingvo."

You can find information about Esperanto here, and here.

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Luisgregory dijo...

I don't like English. I prefer Esperanto.