miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Talking about Summerhill

My dear 2ºBachillerato students,

I made a mistake when I told you about Summerhill school. Contrary to what I said, decisions at the school are taken between both teachers and students.

I've been visiting the Summerhill website and I found a quotation that I think you will find interesting:

"No one is wise enough or good enough to mould ( moldear ) the character of any child. What is wrong with our sick, neurotic world is that we have been moulded, and an adult generation that has seen two great wars and seems about to launch a third should not be trusted to mould the character of a rat".

This was said by A.S. Neill, the founder of Summerhill, who you can see in the picture below:
A.S. Neill

A.S. Neill

You can read about the school in the following page:

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